Computer Lab

The Computer Laboratory Policies:

  1. The computer laboratory is open from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  2. The Students are given 20 hours free Internet access per school year. This is aside from the laboratory use of the class.
  3. Students should practice responsible behavior inside the laboratory.
  4. Students should use the computer properly.
  5. Observe laboratory schedule and follow the policies carefully.
  6. Students must present their I.D. before entering the computer laboratory.
  7. Eating and Drinking inside the computer laboratory is strictly prohibited
  8. Talking loudly and unruly behavior are not allowed.
  9. Cell phones must be taken out of the lab when a call is made or answered.
  10. Check the assigned unit to be in proper condition. Any hardware or software problem encountered should be reported to the Com Lab In charge right away.
  11. Students are NOT ALLOWED to change the configurations/settings of the unit assigned to them.
  12. Downloading of programs/files from the Internet or installing programs is NOT ALLOWED.
  13. Bringing of flash drives and memory card reader in the laboratory is NOT ALLOWED. If downloading and saving is required, kindly inform the Com Lab In- charge.
  14. Chatting, playing games, viewing and downloading pornographic sites are strictly prohibited.
  15. When leaving the computer laboratory, users are expected to clean the work areas by removing all papers and other personal items.