Grading System and Identification Of Achievers

The Grading System is guided by DepEd Order No.8, s. 2015 and School memorandum No. 001-07-2016 Series of AY 2016-17 dated July 12, 2016.

The Preschool Levels make use of checklists and anecdotal records instead of numerical grades. These are based on learning standards found in the Curriculum Guide.

For Grades 1 to 10, in a grading period, there is one Monthly Assessment and one Periodical Assessment but there should be instances for students to produce Written Work and to demonstrate what they know and can do through Performance Tasks.

There is no required number of Written Work and Performance Tasks, but these must be spread out over the quarter and used to assess learner’s skill after each unit has been taught.


Weight of the Components for Grades 1-10

Component Language AP EsP Science Math Mapeh EPP/TLE
1 to 10 Written Work 30% 40% 20%
Performance Tasks 50% 40% 60%
Quarterly Assessment 20% 20% 20%

The General Weighted Average for the Achievers are as follows:

Achievers GOLD
– with Highest Distinction (for the student with the highest GWA among his/her batch)
94 and above
Achievers SILVER 92 to 93.99
Achievers BRONZE 90 to 91.99


In order to qualify for the Achievers awards, students shall have no grades below 85 in all subjects.

For the pupils in the Pre-school and Primary level, the participation in co-curricular activities shall have no bearing in the computation of the final grade. However, for the students from Grade 4 to Senior High School, participation in co-curricular activities shall bear 20% of the total computed General Average. The equivalent points to be given for each participation shall be based on DepEd Order No.92, s.2009 and shall only be computed at the end of the school year.

Students from Grade 4 to Senior High School are required to keep track of their activities through journals or portfolios to be submitted to their respective advisers towards the end of the school year.

Weight of the Components for Grades 11-12

Core Subjects Academic Track
11 to 12 All other
Written Work 25% 25% 35%
50% 45% 40%
25% 30% 25%

The sum of the Weighted Scores in each component is the Initial Grade.

This Initial Grade will be transmuted using the given transmutation by DepEd to get the Quarterly Grade.