Alma Mater Song

Verse I:

PNJK International School
Alma Mater beloved
You nurture our young minds
You hone us to succeed
We will soar to the blue skies
With your legacy
Forever grateful
Always true to you!

Verse II:

You’re the fountain of knowledge
As we search for the truth
Thy great vision in our minds
Your mission in our hearts
We’ll never forget you
Seeking a place in the sun
We are what we become now
All because of you.


Soar high…. in the wide blue skies
Thy flag…. waving, flying high
Alma Mater dear, to the glorious skies!

Verse III:

Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai
Our beloved school
You guide us to the right path
We have come this far
We’ll strive for brighter future
With you we’ll prevail
Forever we’ll cherish you
Alma Mater dear!


We shall sing you praises ever
PNJK School beloved!