Clubs and Organizations

1. Badminton (Elementary/Junior High School) To learn the skills in playing badminton; to learn badminton etiquette and sportsmanship philosophy.
2. Baseball Club (Elementary/Junior High School) To develop the player’s competence in competing with the players in other schools in Davao and in the Philippines as a whole.
3. Basketball Club (Elementary/Junior High School) To provide opportunities for students to develop their basketball skills, develop the player’s competence with the players in other schools in Davao and in the Philippines as a whole.
4. Basketball Girls (Junior High School) To provide opportunities for students to develop their basketball skills, develop the player’s competence with the players in other schools in Davao and in the Philippines as a whole.
5. Booklovers Club (Elementary/Junior High School) To be knowledgeable and aware of the new events through the use of the library, to promote good habits in utilizing library collection and other materials.
6. BSP (Elementary/Junior High School) To offer opportunities for boy scouts to grow in all dimensions, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually and to help develop them in area of peace and human understanding.
7. Campus Ministry (Junior High School) To empower students in spiritual and moral standards
8. Chess Club To develop the student’s competence in different tactics.
9. Drum and Lyre Corps (Junior High School) To serve as ambassador of PNJK-IS, to develop individual potential and be able to showcase and perform at the highest level of performance.
10. Football (Elementary/Junior High School) To develop the children to the best of their ability and foster a lifelong enjoyment of the football game.
11. Cantappella (Junior High School) To develop confidence through singing aside from developing the singing ability of the students.
12. J- Force (Junior High School) To develop the students’ self-confidence in performing before an audience in and out of the campus (dancing, singing, playing instruments, acting and drawing)
13. GSP (Elementary/Junior High School) To help girls and young women realize the ideals of womanhood. To prepare themselves for their responsibilities in the home, the nation and the world community.
14. KAPARIZ (Junior High School) To develop in every individual social conscience, dedicated leadership, honor and excellence.
15. Math Hobbies (Elementary/Junior High School) To bring together pupils who are interested in math into a club, develop math skills through film viewing, poster making, inter-school quiz bee and the like.
16. Nihongo Club (Elementary/Junior High School) To broaden the student’s proficiency in Nihongo Language and its culture, boost their interest in Nihongo through anime, manga, movie and other related activities.
17. Peer Facilitator’s Society (Junior High School) To give them opportunity to assist their peers who need information, socialization, and psychological “first aid” through peer counseling sessions.
18. PNJKIS Gazette (Elementary/Junior High School) To uphold the freedom of expression and serve as a forum wherein the students can freely express themselves on significant issues and on matters of general concerns.
19. SAMAFIL (Junior High School) Nililinang ang kakayahan ng mga mag-aaral sa pagsasalita gamit ang wikang Filipino. Nahahasa ang pagtitiwala sa sariling kakayahan at talento, lalung-lalo na sa pagharap sa madla.
20. Earth Warrior Clubs (Elementary/Junior High School) To develop the students’ abilities and self-confidence as they participate and share their knowledge in Science. To assist and train students to become the environmentally aware and become guardians of the environment’s balance.
21. Volleyball Varsity (Elementary/Junior High School) To develop the skills and talents of a students and to learn how to associate with co-players.
22. Taekwondo (Elementary/Junior High School) To provide pathway for physical fitness by learning Taekwondo in a fun-filled and friendly environment
23. Rock Paradigm Club (Junior High School) To promote the interest in playing musical instruments and to expose students to public performances thereby develop self-confidence
24. Photography Club (Junior High School) To promote creativity through photography, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography throughout the PNJK-IS community
25. Future Ambassadors/AFS Club To promote intercultural learnings in both local and international community
26. Art Club (Primary) To develop their imagination, creativity and individual expression his/her critical thinking skills through inquiry into the aesthetic qualities of his/her work.
27. Speech and Dramatic Club (Elementary) To provide a pleasurable opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of English and to interact with other students who have a shared interest in English.
28. Rhytmic Movers (Elementary) Be able to show interest in all types of dances. Develop a child to be active physically, mentally and emotionally provided by the activities of the club.