Entrance Examination

  1. PNJK-IS entrance examination starts in the middle of February.
  2. Schedule will only be given after the receipt of the entrance documentary requirements and payment of the entrance examination fee.
  3. Entrance examination schedule will be given based on the available dates and time of the school’s screening personnel. Walk-in applicants shall only be entertained on a case to case basis.
  4. Results of the entrance examination shall be given within the day or after all the processes and requirements have been made and complied with.
  5. Parents/Guardians must follow the entrance examination procedure.

Step 1 Submit certified true copy of applicant’s recent report card from his/her previous school to the Registrar’s Office for screening and evaluation.

For foreign students or those who studied abroad, submit photocopy of recent school records together with the original copy (English translated).

Step 2 Fill out Entrance Examination Application Form completely.

Step 3 Pay the entrance examination fee of Php200 at the school Cashier.

Step 4 Go back to the Registrar’s Office and present the official receipt for scheduling.

Step 5 Go to the Student Development Center (SDC) on the scheduled date and time of the examination. Bring the examination permit slip and official receipt.