Vision Mission


         The Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School is a leading educational institution that produces leaders who are versatile, disciplined, time-conscious, proficient in Nihongo, and value the Filipino and Japanese cultures.


       As a Filipino School, it seeks to mold its students to be patriotic and nationalistic, well-rounded individuals and excellent leaders in the community who take good care of the environment; and

      As an International  and Filipino-Japanese institution, it aims to develop and adopt multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity, endeavors to achieve global competitiveness, recognizes and respects the value of time, strives to achieve proficiency in Nihongo, and manifests love for the Filipino and Japanese ways, cultures and traditions.


The school will produce graduates who:

1.Acquire excellent knowledge, talent and leadership skills through quality education and exposures to curricular and co-curricular activities;

2. Embrace the following positive Filipino and Japanese values:

         a. Fear of God

         b. Patriotism and Nationalism

         c. Integrity and Trustworthiness

         d. Courtesy and respect to the elders

          e. Hospitality and Humility

          f. Time-consciousness

          g. Cleanliness and Orderliness

          h. Diligence

           i. Endurance

3. Possess proficiency in the Filipino, English and Japanese Languages;

4. Update themselves with the latest trends and technologies; and

5. Demonstrate love and care for the environment.


       To impart to the students quality education including Japanese Language and culture, and personality development by adopting positive Filipino and Japanese values, and become responsible leaders and assets of the community.

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