Entrance Examination


Entrance examination starts from middle of February. The school will entertain applicants provided that the slots in the grade/year level where he/she will enroll in are still available. Parents/Guardians who wish to enroll their child/ward in PNJK International School shall meet the documentary requirements needed and follow the entrance examination procedure.

Step 1 The applicant shall present to the Registrar’s Office a photocopy of his/her recent Report Card from his/her previous school for screening and evaluation before allowing him/her to take the entrance examination.

For foreign students or those who studied abroad, present photocopy of recent school records (English translated).

Step 2 The school satisfied with the requirements submitted shall issue an Entrance Examination Form to be accomplished by the applicant.
Step 3 Having accomplished the said form, proceed to the Cashier and pay the entrance fee of Php200.
Step 4 Bring official receipt to the Registrar’s Office for scheduling.

SCHEDULE of your examinations will be given based on the available dates.

Step 5 Bring the examination permit slip and official receipt to the Guidance Office.
Take note of the place, time and date of examination as reflected in the examination permit slip.

Result of the entrance examination will be released at the Guidance Office.

Operational Procedure

Entrance Examination for New and Transfer Students

To process fast and systematic entrance examination procedure for new and transfer students

This process starts from submission of documentary requirements for entrance examination up to releasing of school’s Admission Slip

Steps Student-Applicant Office Activity Person Responsible
1 Submit photocopy of recent report card (school records) to the Registrar’s Office Check submitted photocopy of recent report card (school records)

Issue application form

Coordinate with the Department Heads in case of problems

Registrar’s Office Personnel
2 Fill out the application form Check the entries Registrar’s Office Personnel
3 Proceed to cashier’s counter and pay entrance examination fee Accept payment and issue official receipt Cashier
4 Go back to Registrar’s Office and present official receipt for the schedule Collect application form and check the official receipt.
Give entrance examination schedule

(coordinate with the SDC and Nihongo department)

Registrar’s Office Personnel
5 Proceed to testing room at the Student Development Center (SDC)
Present official receipt to the SDC facilitators/staff in-charge and take entrance exam on scheduled date
Collect application form and check the official receipt.
Let the student-applicant take entrance exam on scheduled date
Give schedule for the interview with the Department Heads (coordinate with the Department Heads)
SDC Facilitators/Staff In-charge

Nihongo Department Head for students who came from Japan

6 Wait for the result of entrance exam and interview

Note: If okay, proceed to the next step. If not, consider enrolling to other schools.

Issue Admission Slip and give checklist of admission documentary requirements
Note: In case of foreign students, instruct to go to Registrar’s Office for SSP requirements
SDC Facilitators
Registrar’s Office Personnel
7 Complete admission documentary requirements and come back during the Enrollment period