Soon to Rise!

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After years of studying and planning, soon will rise a five- storey school building at the PNJK-IS Baseball Field. The groundbreaking ceremony of the proposed building was conducted last August 28, 2014 attended by the school’s board of trustees, heads, faculty and student leaders.
Construction is just getting underway on the new five-story facility — and it’s expected to be finished and occupied by August 2015. The five-storey building is consists of 3 libraries, 18 classrooms, faculty room and a gymnasium on the 5th floor. All rooms are air-conditioned and each floor is provided with comfort rooms for boys and girls. The five-storey building will be used by the high school students next school year.
The old high school building will house the high school computer laboratory, PTCA Office, SSC Office, Exhibit Room, Repository, Archive and Science’s Wet and Dry Laboratories. Three classrooms of the 3rd floor will also be used for the Nihongo Special Classes.
Furthermore, the new high school building will be named Nikkei Building, the primary building will be called Uchida Building and the old high school building is Ajiro Building. (G)

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