Mallari ranks 1st Runner-up in UP Regionwide Speak-Up Oratorical and Extemporaneous Contest

Megumi Faith P. Mallari of Grade 10 competed against 22 other students from 22 other schools in the UP 4th Regionwide Speak-Up Oratorical and Extemporaneous Speaking contest held last February 1, 2016 at Abreeza Mall Davao. Mallari presented her prepared Oration speech about how communication can promote understanding across cultures on the first round. After the first round, the top 5 contestants were chosen as qualifiers for the second round which was the Extemporaneous Round where they were given 3 minutes to organize their thoughts and another 3 minutes to answer the question they picked in front of the judges and audience. After which, the top 3 was chosen. Mallari was accompanied by her coach, Mr. Dennis Fullitan and TLE Subject Coordinator, Ms. Nitz Juntilla. ( by mfpm)


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