“Having The Heart To Serve And Teach – Service Awardees” by Mikaela Ponce

Service is defined as an act of providing the needs of others.  Time and effort are considered to be the things that a person should be willing to offer to make that happen.  Many people serve to gain, many people serve for fame, while some serve from the heart.  Those with sincere hearts are more likely to succeed in whatever service they do. They are the “heroes in disguise” that never gets tired of helping the less fortunate ones each day.

A quote from “the greatest statesman of the 20th century”, Winston Churchill says: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life from what we give”.  In giving, not only you spread kindness among others, you are also indirectly teaching them by setting a good example.  Teachers play a huge role in setting this example.  Many of them have sacrificed most of their time to help a student learn for they are the backbone of each and every institution.  They implement good values ever since we started to learn how to read, write, spell and count. Certainly, there is a teacher behind every person’s success or accomplishments in life.

This year has marked a remarkable day for Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School as they celebrate their 25th founding anniversary.  It is a chance to recognize those who served them with loyalty and sincerity.  A service award is given to those personnel, faculty and staff whose tenure for the organization lasted for a length of time. This award does not just give merit to their efforts, it is also the best way of giving thanks for the school and to them.

Service Awardees and board of trustees Top Row:Ms. Adelaida Panaguiton, Judge Antonina Escovilla, Ms. Jocelyn Franco, Ms. Ines Mallari, Ms. Ruelyn Bobiles, Ms. Carmen Apigo, Ms. Ellen Ocharon, Mr. Juseven Austero, Mr.Rodrigo Suemitsu, Mr. Felipe Hiquial, Jr. Second Row: Ms. Rowena Canlas, Ms. Lucia Josol, Mr. Rodrigo Velasco, Jr. Ms. Eva Cardente and Ms. Olivia Caluna

In a heart to heart talk with the Prefect of Discipline, Mrs. Ruelyn C. Bobiles who is now in her 25th year of service in the school, said: “I was looking for a job when my friend introduced me to apply at PNJK Educational Center. It gave me the first chance at teaching…The reason why I stayed in this [PNJK-IS] institution is because I feel comfortable. I enjoy my work with my colleagues and even though there were ups and downs, I felt satisfied. There are really times when we get tired but I get inspired by the people that surrounds me…The memory that I cannot forget was the time when my dedication of work was recognized, and the trust that the board members gave me made me more motivated in offering quality service. As I stayed here for 25 years I have witnessed the growth and success of the school. I am thankful for the administration for the trust they gave me. It made me who I am today.”

A personal interview with the school’s humble personnel, Mr. Antonio S. Tiu, Jr. who is also known as “Kuya Bayong” answered: “My sole purpose of going to Davao is to finish my studies. My sister, who works at the PNJK Educational Center at that time, helped me receive a job here and that is where it all started…I have also adjusted to the environment here in the school. Despite the fact that I have not finished my studies, I became contented with what I have today. I will never forget the time when Mrs. Ines P. Mallari, jokingly told us to play cards with her the second time she’ll see us play. It was a memory that is fun to recall. For all the years being here at school, I am grateful for their kindness and for all the benefits I received. Despite all the mistakes I make sometimes, they never got tired of showing consideration.”

They are just two out of the 16 dedicated and hardworking workers that the PNJK-IS successfully managed for a long period of time. It is a pride to have them as part of the family that will continually grow and provide quality education. Undoubtedly, they all have the heart to serve and teach more children to come.

Service Awardees an Board of Trustees Top Row: Ms. Ruelyn Bobiles, Ms. Jocelyn Franco, Ms. Adelaida Panaguiton, Judge Antonina Escovilla, Ms. Ines Mallari, Ms. Carmen Apigo, Ms. Ellen Ocharon, Mr. Rodrigo Suemitsu, Mr. Felipe Hiquial, Jr. Mr. Juseven Austero Second Row: Mr. Dennis Fullitan, Ms. Lorellie Jubilado, Mr. Antonio Tiu, Jr. Ms. Milagros Roluna, Ms. Lilibeth Maghinay, Ms. Janice Sobrejuanite and Ms. Michelle Cataluña

Service Awardees:

24 Years

Ruelyn Bobiles


23 Years

Jocelyn Franco


17 Years:

Rowena Canlas

16 Years:

Olivia Caluna
Eva Cardente
Lucia Josol
Lorellie Jubilado
Ines Mallari
Chenita Morales
Antonio Tiu Jr.
Rodrigo Velasco Jr.

15 Years:

Lilibeth Maghinay

13 Years:

Michelle Cataluña
Janice Sobrejuanite

11 Years

Milagros Roluna

10 Years

Dennis Fullitan


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  1. Congratulations dear Board Members and Service Awardees! You are the pillars of this great institution that continues to bridge lasting relationships with other nations especially between the Philippines and Japan. Your dedication to your work at PNJK-IS is deeply appreciated. May you continue to find renewed inspiration in the Almighty as you attend to the school and to your respective families. Mabuhay! Omedetou gozaimasu!

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