EXCELLENCE in all Aspects

GiovanniePerandos2As I grew up, I learned many things about the definitions of excellence. Some defined it based from the dictionary or from Google; Excellence is a word that refers to the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. You perform in the class satisfactorily. When years go by, I realized that an excellent individual does not mean you are good or outstanding in oral, written or even academic performances, but possess holistic talent which is usually good and so surpasses ordinary standards.

According to Booker T. Washington , “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”. This emphasizes that in order to produce excellent student or individual, we have to set our common goal in school that we will help them learn enduring knowledge with application so that they will have an enduring learning. For example, in order for the Philippine Dragon Boat team to win the contest they must go in unison with full string of the puddle. In teaching and in education program this will occur when teachers around or inside the school will provide different teaching techniques and strategies. Provide them thousands of formative and summative assessments such as activities, practices, lessons and real-life situations.

Excellence is one of the values that Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School wants to inculcate to all the students, faculty and staff. The school PNJKIS envision to produce excellent students entailing them to be an engaged thinker wherein they decided thoroughly. They are trained also to become an ethical citizen where values formations and perspectives of life are being honed. The school also wants to prepare the students to become an entrepreneurial spirit, learning to appreciate the value of money and how to use it properly.
Through excellence we can attain to have quality education wherein the products we will produce are firm, responsible, God-fearing and progressive student in all aspects in the near future.

– Giovannie Perandos
Filipino Teacher

mamluz2Excellence is one life value that we would like our students to be aware of. It is doing and giving one’s best for the Glory of God.

– Lucia Josol
High School Department Head

ChenMorales2Excellence means doing your best in all the things that you do even if no one gets to recognize you.

– Chenita Morales
Science Coordinator

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