DAPRISA Student Leader’s Camp

In this age of liberalism and self-expression, it can no longer deny the fact that teenagers now are more aware, involved and engaged in activities that go beyond the four walls of the classroom. To channel the student’s interest towards more productive and beneficial outcomes and to instill leadership values and establish linkages between and among high school student leaders of DAPRISA member schools, the first DAPRISA Student Leaders Camp ( DSLC) was conducted last October 29-30,2013 at Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School. Fifty student council officers from ten (10) different high schools attended the said leadership camp. The participating schools were Colegio de San Ignacio, Davao Central College, Brokenshire College of Toril, Christian Colleges of Southeast Asia, Davao Macarius Child Academy, International Christian School of Davao, Precious International School of Davao, St. Patrick Math-Sci School and Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School.
During the 2-day camp, the participants were exposed to different activities for which their self discipline, patience, confidence and leadership abilities were tested. Madame Perla Kwan also was one of the invited guests who talked about “Servant – Leadership” for which the participants did not only enjoy the wisdom shared but also learned a lot from her topic. The following day, Councilor Leo Avila tackled “Social Responsibility” for which he emphasized to the student-leaders that everybody’s the same and that they must follow their dreams and must not let others stand their way. Councilor Avila ended his session with the words that social responsibility means committing the work for others, for the poor, for the community and for the nation. The participants also were asked to make an action plan that will enhance their plans for their respective schools. An act of kindness was also conducted by the participants to the general services personnel, canteen personnel and to the facilitators in the second day of the seminar.
Jon Carl Tutor, Danna Gabriel Cuyos, Ma. Iana Therese Fernandez, Megumi Faith Mallari and Jessa Meiko Tripole were the school’s representative to the said training. The five (5) students said , the 2-day camp was really a great activity for they did not only learn from the topics discussed but also they gained lots of friends and enhanced their capacity as leaders. An election of DAPRISA Student-Leaders Officers was also conducted wherein Jon Carl Tutor was elected as Vice President, Megumi Faith Mallari as Secretary and Ma. Iana Therese Fernandez as Asst. Secretary. The participants were accompanied by their moderators.








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