Club Hopping 2013

Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School once again launched the Club Hopping 2013 at the school’s gym spearheaded by the Guidance Office and Student Supreme Council last June 14,2013. The said Club Hopping started years ago to give the students a glimpse of the different existing clubs of the school.
Based on the records of the Office of Student’s Affairs, the school has 33 active clubs and organizations, each with its own objectives and plans to enhance the abilities and capacities of every member.
Listed below are the different clubs and organizations with the names of the moderators:


  1. Achievers (Ruelyn C. Bobiles)
  2. Badminton ( Elem.) (Baby Ann Quiben)
  3. Badminton ( HS) (William Gonzaga)
  4. Baseball Varsity (Ariel D. Sabado)
  5. Basketball Varsity (Russel Roselio)
  6. Booklovers Club (Elem.) (Milagros Y. Roluna)
  7. Booklovers Club (HS)(Noredith Ibanez)
  8. BSP (Elem.) (Billy Lapating)
  9. BSP (HS) (Alex Leonora)
  10. DLC (HS) (Dennis Fullitan)
  11. Future Homemakers’ (Juanita Juntilla)
  12. Golden Hands Club (Michelle F. Nemez)
  13. GSP (Elem.) ( Ella Pauline G. Formentera)
  14. GSP (HS) (Ma. Rosella D.Saavedra)
  15. JPIC Scholars’ Club (Lucia D. Josol)
  16. KAPARIZ (Dennis Fullitan)
  17. Kiddie Art Club (Emmalyn Lapay)
  18. Math Club (Marna Mae Asombrado)
  19. Nihongo Club (Jovilline Joyce A. Delgado)
  20. Oratorical & Debating Club (Rubyline Barro)
  21. Peer Counselors’ Society (Mary Ann B. Raper)
  22. PNJKIS Gazette (Lorellie S. Jubilado)
  23. Rhythmic Movers (Arvin Abo – Abo)
  24. Recorder Ensemble (Valerie Ann Inocente)
  25. SAMAFIL (Presca L. Elga)
  26. Science Club ( HS) (Chenita P. Morales)
  27. Science Club ( Elem) (John Mar Leono)
  28. Student Supreme Council (Lorellie Jubilado)
  29. Volleyball Varsity (Giovanie Perandos)
  30. Environment Club (Annie Valerie Alfaras)
  31. Campus Ministry (Malou Cabanog)
  32. Sepak Takraw (Jon Albert Camasura)
  33. PNJKIS Glee Club (Hector Ortega)

To the students who were accepted ” Congratulations!“.

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