Cindy Lynn A. Salces Passes Psychometrician Board Exam

by: Wella Rae Lasta/ Artist: Angel Rose Labrador

The Board of Psychology released the results of the Psychometrician Board Exam last November 9, 2018. Out of 8,453 exam takers, Cindy Lynn A. Salces, one of the administrative staff of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School and this institution’s very own Student Growth Facilitator made it to the roster of board passers and now officially a registered Psychometrician. Registered psychometricians are the people who devise, construct, standardize psychometric tests and are skilled in administering and interpreting psychological tests. Truly, this academic institution is proud to have one.

Ms. Cindy Lynn A. Salces is a graduate of University of Mindanao with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2010 and is currently taking up her Masters in Guidance and Counseling at San Pedro College; she is also on her sixth year in service in this institution.

Before the board exam, she said that she felt pressure for having her on-the-job training for her master’s degree and review for the licensure exam at the same time. She used to be tired but tried her best to make it and take a step higher in her life and career as a young professional. She also added that she did not expect to pass, but she was hopeful and just entrusted everything to God, and indeed, it paid off after seeing her name on the list of passers.

Kudos Cindy Lynn A. Salces, RPM!