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Greater Love, Greater Service to The Community

JoshuaSenseiA day where a teacher can let her hair fall down or his feet stack up and enjoy the fruits of his/her own labor. A day where the children whom he/she planted with love and kindness repays you with flowers of smiling faces. A day that makes teachers the cream of the crop and lavish by gifts of laughter and joy.

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Family Day 2015 Activity

Your whole family is cordially invited to celebrate with us the Family Day 2015 on January 25, 2015 (Sunday) at the PNJK-IS Gym.

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Diligence is a step to accomplishing goals and without it, it would never be succeeded. By being diligent, it affects the results of our lives and we can make more opportunities for our future, giving ourselves and lives better outcome. Let us make every effort to accomplish every difficulty thrown our way to make our stages in living successful .Let us aim to succeed in life and not give up. If there is hard work, perseverance and dedication we can achieve for excellence, which will make us more diligent person.

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Cleanliness and Orderliness

One good value that we would like to instill in the minds of our students is, ” Cleanliness and Orderliness’. This is in relation to their personal hygiene, in the way they dress-up, on how they organize their things and even on how they keep their surroundings clean wherever they are.

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Women’s Juniors and Men’s Seniors Clinches MAPEH Badminton Tournament 2013

mapeh badminton tournament medium

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