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Notre Dame Of Marbel University Students Visited PNJK-IS

One hundred fifty-one (151) students from Notre Dame of Marbel University visited Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School on November 24, 2016. The students came with their Dean in the College of Education, Dr. Lynou R. Zacal. They visited various schools in Davao City including PNJK-IS as part of their exposures before those students will have their on-the-job training. Continue reading

School Ecological Awareness Campaign

Last July 28,2016 , Mr. Ricardo Obenza conducted a seminar-workshop on the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment. The said ecological awareness campaign was conducted at the school’s Friendship Hall attended by the Science teachers of PNJK-IS.

Mr. Obenza shared his knowledge about the importance of plants in an ecosystem.  He emphasized that plant will not only give off oxygen but it could also help in keeping a lot of the produced carbon dioxide from burning fuels. Continue reading

EXCELLENCE in all Aspects

GiovanniePerandos2As I grew up, I learned many things about the definitions of excellence. Some defined it based from the dictionary or from Google; Excellence is a word that refers to the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. You perform in the class satisfactorily. When years go by, I realized that an excellent individual does not mean you are good or outstanding in oral, written or even academic performances, but possess holistic talent which is usually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. Continue reading

Greater Love, Greater Service to The Community

JoshuaSenseiA day where a teacher can let her hair fall down or his feet stack up and enjoy the fruits of his/her own labor. A day where the children whom he/she planted with love and kindness repays you with flowers of smiling faces. A day that makes teachers the cream of the crop and lavish by gifts of laughter and joy.

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Family Day 2015 Activity

Your whole family is cordially invited to celebrate with us the Family Day 2015 on January 25, 2015 (Sunday) at the PNJK-IS Gym.

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